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There are two main areas of SEO... "On Site SEO" and "Off-Site SEO"...

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SEO History

When I started my "SEO journey" back in 2001, the only real criteria that Google seemed to care about was the number and strength (measured by Google PageRank™) of your incoming links (backlinks). Most of the signals that Google now rely on to rank websites were irrelevant back then, and high quality web resources were outranked by commercial and adult websites with massive backlink profiles (irrespective if whether those links were paid for or relevant). Since then things have come full-circle. Incoming links are still important, but are now subject to relevance, trust, quality (and supporting signals). Paid links are taken out of the mix, and "on-site SEO" has become far more important.


SEO Myths

One of the worst aspects of the SEO industry is the tendency for people to spread mis-information, either through ignorance, or a deliberate desire to mislead competitors...
Bartonsweb have conducted experiments & tests (both individually and as part of wider groups with colleagues in the field) to prove (or to disprove) many widely held beliefs and "SEO Myths".


SEO Services

Bartonsweb SEO services are only available to Bartonsweb website clients. (We do not offer "3rd party SEO Services").


Bartonsweb SEO Services

Bartonsweb have years of experience in Search Engine Optimisation. We will create and manage your personal SEO Plan, before we begin building your website, and will monitor and manage it from that moment on... Contact Us today, for your personal SEO service.

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Search Engine Optimisation (ctd)...

On-Site SEO

Refers to all aspects of SEO that pertain to your website itself: Site structure, navigation, internal and outgoing links, image details, design details, page load speed, crawl efficiency, content (quality and 'uniqueness') and supporting signals; all of these things have a direct bearing on a website's potential for success.

Off-Site SEO

Refers to all aspects of SEO that pertain to elements outside of your website. Incoming links (and anchors), references, citations, social media marketing, Google (Maps, Local and Google+), supporting signals and any other form of online marketing that creates a link to your website, can have an influence on your rankings based on the quality (and relevance) of those links and the level of 'trust' that those linking sites have with Google.

Let Bartonsweb manage your personal SEO Plan.