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Web Marketing

Web Marketing comes in many different forms. Some are free, some expensive, some immediate, some long-term, some are "localised" and some international, etc. There are also many questions to be answered before you can determine the right strategy for your website...

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Pay Per Click internet advertising has become one of the most popular forms of Web Marketing. There are many "Bid Based" PPC schemes run by internet giants like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others...

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Paid Advertising

There are paid advertising opportunities available from thousands of websites and web directories. Choosing the best is no easy feat and it should be noted that paid advertising does nothing to directly improve your SEO (in fact you must choose with care as it is possible for paid links to harm your rankings)...

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Free Advertising

There are many free web marketing opportunities, which can generally be broken down into two groups: Social Media Marketing (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc) and other websites. Many of these can have a very positive influence on your website rankings, as well as bringing in new customers, but some free advertising can be detrimental to your website's rankings...

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Local Business Marketing

If you run a local business that sells directly to the public, you could advertise your business (and your web site) "offline", via "traditional" marketing methods. Marketing your website online (using social media marketing, paid advertising on websites which generate a lot of local interest, and on free resources like Google Maps & Google Local) will almost certainly be beneficial.


Trust Bartonsweb to advise and assist you to make the right Website Marketing decisions... Contact us today.

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Web Marketing (ctd)...

Whatever the answers, Bartonsweb can help you to formulate your ideal Web Marketing Plan.


PPC (ctd)...

PPC advertising can be broken into two main varieties: "Flat Rate" and "Bid Based"...

Flat Rate PPC

You pay a fixed amount every time somebody clicks on your ad'.
Prices are often dependant on the nature of the marketplace (eg: Jewellery V's Compost), and the quality and nature of visitors on the host site or pages, (thus the quality of the traffic available and how well it fits your market profile). It is often possible to negotiate preferential rates for long-term, or high-value campaigns.

Bid Based PPC

usually involves bidding on search terms for Ad' placement on the host website, (and perhaps on other websites involved in the scheme). The more you pay, the higher your Ad' is placed in the list...

Bartonsweb can help with all aspects of PPC advertising, and can even manage your PPC campaign for you, if you wish.


Paid Advertising (ctd)...

Historically many of Google's "ranking signals" were derived from the quantity and quality of incoming links to a website. Thus many site owners began selling links for the purposes of inflating Google PRTM, and improving rankings.

Google eventually decided that this represented "manipulation" of their SERPs and took action to redress the balance.

Over the past few years, Google have devalued "paid links" and have asked site owners to mark them in such a way that Google can easily see them (and discount them for ranking purposes).
They have also been known to penalise both link-sellers and link-buyers for ignoring their guidelines or deliberately trying to "cheat the system".

If your aim is to attract more visitors to your web site, this is of no consequence (provided that you are careful in choosing websites that adhere to Google's guidelines).

Whatever your needs, Bartonsweb will guide and advise you in your online (paid) advertising campaign.


Free Advertising (ctd)...

Social Media Marketing

Having a popular personal Facebook or Twitter profile can be a terrific way to get visitors to your website, as well as allowing you to advertise your goods & services for free. Similarly a Facebook page for your business can attract followers and be used to announce news and new website features or new products/services.

Used properly, Social Media can also boost your website rankings.

Free Advertising (Other)

There are thousands of websites that allow people to advertise their business for free, and thousands more that allow you to add a link to your website (eg: Blog Comments, Forums, Directories etc). Some of these can have a very positive effect on your website rankings, (as well as bringing in direct traffic), and some of them can bring unwanted attention and even directly harm your website rankings.

Bartonsweb can guide and advise you to discern the wheat from the chaff, and to spend your time and efforts wisely.