Bartonsweb Website Management Services

Domain Management

Many "high profile" web site suppliers register customers' domains in their own name (making them the legal registrants/owners), despite the fact that the customer has paid for it!
Such companies commonly charge clients an "administration fee" for transferring those domains back, and - in some cases - business owners have had to resort to legal proceedings to regain control of their domain name!
At Bartonsweb we can assist our clients with domain registration and maintenance/renewal, but we will always insist that the domain is registered in your name.

We currently recommend 123-reg.


Website Analytics

We recommend Google Analytics, (and can offer you direct access to your Google Analytics reports, and support and advice on the contents), but we will (by request) add any good quality web stat's / analytics package to your website (provided it does not compromise your site performance or security).


User Support

Bartonsweb have years of experience in user support, and can offer full user training and support for you, your staff and/or anybody else you wish.


Information Management and Reporting

We have a vast amount of experienced in this field, and have already put a system in place to allow us to fulfill most users needs. We can of course provide any additional information you desire, in a format to suit your requirements.


Issues Management

Bartonsweb have created a simple bespoke support facility, which will allow you to both create and monitor all ongoing (and past/closed) issues affecting your website.


Customer Account Management

Bartonsweb customers have access to our bespoke Account Management Suite, allowing you to see announcements (both customer-specific and general), list all your invoices (paid and unpaid), view our correspondence, and access our issues-management facility (in our 'Members Area').


Bartonsweb offers a very comprehensive range of Website Management Services... Contact us today.

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