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Image Optimisation

A term commonly used to describe various processes, from image manipulation (for quality purposes), through image file size reduction (for website "load time" purposes), to image file naming and tagging (for SEO purposes).

Bartonsweb are experts at Image Manipulation, Lossless Compression & Image SEO...

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Graphic Design

Wikipedia describes it as "the art of communication, stylizing, and problem-solving through the use of type, space and image."

For us it refers to any images used as part of the website template (page construction) or on the pages themselves, or other media (leaflet templates, postcards, letterheads, etc), that we can produce for our customers...

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Image Software

There is an endless supply of image manipulation software available, but undoubtedly the best known amongst them is Adobe Photoshop, and with good reason... Photoshop is still one of the best out there!

Photoshop is the "weapon of choice" for Bartonsweb image editing, (along with numerous other useful programs).


Bartonsweb have years of experience in a wide range of Graphic Design Services. Contact us today.

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Image Optimisation (ctd)...

Image Manipulation

Cleaning up images - adjusting brightness, contrast, colour balance, removing scratches, dust, speckles/marks - & adding lighting effects, or other visual enhancements, is essential for making the most of any images used on your website.

Image File Size Reduction (AKA: Lossless Compression)

The process of manipulating image files to create excellent quality pictures, with the lowest possible file sizes, thus reducing the server load & speeding up the page load time. This is essential for a website with large numbers of images, & is common practice for any images used on bartonsweb websites.

Images and SEO

This refers to the process of naming the image file and adding an optimised "alt tag" & "title tag" to assist in image indexing & keyword ranking. bartonsweb will always add these details correctly as part of our SEO plan.

Bartonsweb are experts at all forms of image optimisation


Graphic Design (ctd)...

Here at Bartonsweb, we can produce logos, borders, backgrounds, buttons and many more graphic elements (including animations) to transform a dull website template into something that's eye-catching and instantly engaging.


Animated Graphics

We can also create Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg), crisp images converted to code to speed up loading times and which can be animated with html/CSS & JavaScript. An example is the Bartonsweb logo on this website. Hold your mouse over the image to see the animation (except in IE).