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CMS & Scripts

Content Management Systems have been around for about 10 years, and are widely used for creating and managing large sophisticated websites, website content, shopping carts, blogs, galleries, forums, etc.
There are many types of CMS with varying levels of sophistication, capability and price, and there are also thousands of scripts available for specific (CMS) functions which can be combined with some CMS to add (and manage) specific functionality.

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Couch CMS

Bartonsweb have years of experience in choosing, configuring and customising a wide variety of Content Management Systems and have begun working with a very effective, (and new) CMS known as Couch CMS. Couch is a highly configurable and very simple system which allows the user to convert any website to run with the CMS. Couch is a relatively small, but hugely powerful and sophisticated CMS, which means that it can be used to manage anything from a single page up to any size of website.

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PHP & JQuery/Javascript

Bartonsweb have a highly trained PHP programmer, who has experience in developing PHP web applications, including user management and client areas, and database connectivity (MySQL) functions.

We also have extensive experience with the use of JQuery & Javascript in web design...

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Graceful Degradation & CSS3pie

In essence Graceful Degradation refers to the concept of crafting a web site to take advantage of all of the facilities available in modern browsers, and adding functionality to allow it to be viewed in older browsers...

CSS3pie makes it possible to use some of those newer "facilities" on older browsers.

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Progressive Enhancement.

With Progressive Enhancement we start by offering basic functionality to all users, and add advanced functionality to enhance the website for users with more capable browsers...

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Responsive Design

The process of designing your website layout to work on all different types of devices and screen sizes, from mobile phones to tablets, laptops to widescreen desktop PC's.

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Bartonsweb have experience with all these aspects of Web Development. Contact us today to order your new web site.

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CMS & Scripts (ctd)...

Written in a variety of languages and protocols including ASP, CGI, Perl, Java, JavaScript and PHP, these include everything from Ad' Management systems to Zip Code Locators and can be added into a website to give the specific functionality required.

Bartonsweb have extensive training & experience with both Content Management Systems and scripts


Couch CMS (ctd)...

Couch allows us to create editable regions on any page of your website. With direct access to the admin area, the website owner can easily edit those regions, as well as uploading images - which Couch will "process" on upload (resize, resample, compress, etc) and other documents.

Couch is very inexpensive and is still being developed (at an amazing rate).

Couch CMS & Bartonsweb...

Bartonsweb have recently designed and developed a customer support module which is currently being used by the creators of Couch to help develop a support module for the CMS.


Graceful Degradation (ctd)...

In web design parlance, Graceful Degradation refers to the concept of crafting a web site which will not fail when faced with the loss of some of its components. In practical terms this means designing a website to take advantage of all of the facilities available in modern browsers, whilst ensuring that it can still fulfill it's primary function in older browsers.

Whilst you & I may be viewing this page on relatively modern PCs with large screen-resolutions and up-to-date browser versions, there are still a reasonable number of people using Internet Explorer 9, 8, 7 & 6, to whom this page will look less sophisticated & "slick", but who can nonetheless see, & use, all of the information, links & features!

Numbers of IE6 users have (thankfully) dwindled to the point where we might decide to ignore them for certain business models, perhaps concluding that it's not worth the time & effort to develop our web page design for IE6. Still we might want the page to work properly in - for example IE7, IE8 & IE9, (browsers that do not support HTML5 and CSS3 - both used in this website's design). This is where Graceful degradation comes into play, allowing us to keep all of the cool CSS3 features (like the text-shadow we have on the links at the top of this page) for modern browser users, whilst older browsers will still display the text, but without the text-shadow... It may be lacking in some of those cool CSS3 features, but it's still functioning and the design does not 'break'!


Progressive Enhancement (ctd)...

Hailed as "the next stage on from Graceful Degradation", Progressive Enhancement is a strategy based on the principle of delivering basic content and functionality to every visitor, and then adding "layers" of advanced features (using HTML, CSS, Scripts etc) for those with (progressively) more advanced browser software (or enhanced internet connectivity).

At Bartonsweb we often prefer Graceful Degradation to Progressive Enhancement, because - whilst targeting all browsers and ensuring your design works (at its most basic), with the ever-growing number of browsers & browser versions, it's getting harder & harder to progressively enhance a web-page that works on EVERY browser.

Bartonsweb are fully familiar with - and experienced in the use of Graceful Degradation and Progressive Enhancement.