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HTML and CSS are the fundamentals of the web world. You cannot have a website without these two, they are what make up webpages. Sure, you have other programming languages that offer more functionality and the abilities to create interactive websites, but even those languages, when they end up as a website, are only producing HTML/CSS. Think of it like the bread and butter of the web.

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Modern web development requires developers to be aware and capable of manipulating the end-users browser to make a page appear dynamic and interactive, rather than just having the static webpages of the past, the web in general has moved in a direction of using flowing and interactive content. Every web developer should be skilled in Jquery and javascript in order to keep up with the ever changing world of client-side scripting and development for websites.

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Wordpress Websites & Blogs

Started in 2003, Wordpress is an open source blogging tool & CMS based on PHP and MySQL. Millions of people have contributed to the software, creating Templates & "Plug-Ins" to add functionality & control.
Wordpress websites and blogs give owners the ability to add and edit their own website content, as well as allowing visitors to comment on articles and posts, whilst retaining complete control over what is shown on the site.
Bartonsweb have many years experience in creating and managing Wordpress websites and blogs, including creating and customising both templates and plug-ins.


Google Page Speed

Through the use of Google's "Pagespeed" extension, Bartonsweb monitor page load times and optimise code to load and execute at the maximum efficiency.
There are also several other "Page Speed" tools used by Bartonsweb to improve the quality and performance of our websites.


Responsive Web Design

RWD is a very important (and relatively new) term in website design, referring to the process of designing your website and layout to look and perform perfectly on all types of devices with any screen-size...

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Bartonsweb Evolutionary Websites

HTML and CSS are updated on a fairly regular basis, so websites that are a few years old will most likely be "out of date", and might not work on new devices. They also become much more difficult to edit, as it requires that programmer(s) be fully familiar with multiple versions of those protocols, (and since they are all very similar in the first place, this can be difficult and time consuming, thus normally expensive)...

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Bartonsweb are experts in all aspects of web-site design - contact us today and order your new website or blog.

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HTML/CSS (ctd)...

HTML and CSS have both evolved over time, with new standards introduced on a regular basis and old ones becoming gradually deprecated into non-existence!

This is partly to improve functionality, and also to cater for the huge differences in modern browser styles, types and sizes.

For this reason, (and for reasons of style and fashion) all websites grow old over time and many fabulous web resources have sadly been removed, having outgrown the owners ability to keep them up to date and ensure they fit modern browsers and browsing methods.

Through use of some clever design protocols and software, Bartonsweb aim to create websites with minimal html and css content, which not only respond faster, but allow us to update HTML/CSS as time progresses, keeping the website up to date constantly.


JQuery/Javascript (ctd)...

At Bartonsweb we have detailed knowledge, training and experience of JQuery, and it's potential for user interactivity. We are also experienced in the use of JQuery plugins and Javascript in web design and development.


Responsive Web Design (ctd)...

From mobile 'phones to desktop PC's, tiny 'phone displays to widescreen monitors, tablets to laptops, Iphones to Ipods etc, RWD allows us to craft websites that can successfully and fluidly evolve based on the device the end-user is using. is fully responsive. Try viewing it with a variety of devices and you'll see that some elements of the design change (depending on the device size) to allow for a more user-friendly experience.

Bartonsweb are fully familiar and experienced in the use of RWD


Bartonsweb Evolutionary Websites (ctd)...

Intelligent design concepts and clever programming allows Bartonsweb to provide websites which are constantly evolving to keep pace with back-end language protocols and new device development, so...
Bartonsweb websites will always work like a brand new website.

By designing a website with minimal HTML and CSS and by using a dynamic CMS to deliver the website to the screen, site edits are quick and easy (thus many are completely free to Bartonsweb customers)!
Even a total site rewrite becomes a much simpler task, enabling us to develop new templates easily and install them seamlessly, so we can offer a full site redesign at a very attractive price...
Bartonsweb websites can always look like a brand new website.

Contact Bartonsweb today and let us build you the last website you'll ever need.