Bartonsweb Website Services

Bartonsweb offers a very comprehensive range of website services at competitive prices, and we pride ourselves on a very attentive service.

Our USP: Bartonsweb websites are constantly evolving...
All Bartonsweb websites are revisited and updated on a regular basis. To keep pace with new device development and new web developments and protocols, to add new improvements and facilities, or to react to visitor behaviour, latest web trends, or otherwise to improve performance. (This has the added benefit of enabling us to offer a complete website (re)design service to existing customers, at a fraction of the price of a new website). So your website can always look - and will always work - like a brand new website.

All of our websites are constantly managed, monitored and improved ('evolved').
All of our clients can access the bespoke "Account Management Suite" in our members area.


Website Services - Details:

Web' Design

We have over 15 years experience in web design and graphic-based web design. Our expertise and experience with HTML, CSS, JQuery, Javascript and RWD, coupled with the use of a flexible CMS, intelligent design concepts & smart programming, allows Bartonsweb to provide websites and 'blogs which constantly 'evolve' to keep pace with back-end language protocols & new device development, so they can always look (and will always work) like a brand new website.

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Website Development

Bartonsweb have extensive experience with Content Management Systems. We also have a wealth of experience with PHP Development, JQuery, JQuery Plugins, Javascript and MySQL. We are fully familiar with - and experienced in - the use of Graceful Degradation, Progressive Enhancement and RWD. From shopping carts to client-database connectivity, we can combine our extensive web development capabilities with our other areas of expertise to develop your new website or web-based project.

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Graphic Design

From BMP to SVG, Bartonsweb are experts at all forms of image creation, optimisation, enhancement & manipulation, lossless compression and "Image SEO". We can produce logos, borders, backgrounds, buttons and other graphic elements (including animations) to transform a dull website into something that's eye-catching & instantly engaging.

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Website Management

Domain name management, website visitor statistics, user support, information management and reporting, issues management and customer account management are all available as part of Bartonsweb Web Management Services, along with our bespoke Account Management Suite.

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Web' Marketing

From "Flat-Rate" to "Bid-Based" PPC advertising campaigns, through paid advertising campaigns (without the dangers), free advertising, social media marketing and local business/website marketing... Bartonsweb can advise & assist you to make the best Web Marketing decisions.

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Search Engine Optimisation is the science/art of attaining high rankings for valuable/common keyword searches on major search engines (primarily Google), and attracting searchers to (choose) your website from those results.

The Bartonsweb team are experts in all aspects of Search Engine Optimisation, and can build (and update) your website with SEO (very firmly) in mind.

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Website prices start from as little as £600, with service packages starting at £35.00 pcm.

Talk to us about your website or web-based project. Contact Bartonsweb today for a free no-obligation consultation.

We are also available on a consultancy basis and will consider any offer of work in any of the above areas. No job too big or too small.