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This website was quite a challenge to produce, not because of any overwhelming features or complex pieces of programming, but because there was relatively little to no information to actually display about the company on the website. I really had to stick to the basics; displaying their products on the homepage (Using a JavaScript slideshow), displaying information about the company, who they are etc, and providing a means of contacting the company, as well as displaying their social media connections.


It took me a little while to come up with a design in my head that was lightweight and simple enough to display the minimal amount of content that this website had, but also looked somewhat eye-catching and interesting. There was no fancy css tricks or javascript that I could add to make the website suddenly look more alive, I had to deal with the fact that there was a minimal amount of information to display. 

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The website was tested to the limits my machine allowed (It has not been tested on linux or mac machines/browsers) meaning it hasn't been tested on browsers as old as Internet Explorer 6, although the client did not stress any importance to achieve this, based on the nature of their company they did not require that the website was fully degradable to the ancient browsers. That being said, it rendered perfectly on every browser and screen size I was able to test it on.