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Quedgeley Parish Council

The client (a local Parish Council) wanted a website which allows it to publicise it's services, facilities, resources and policies, as well as announcing local events, news, office information and more.

The client needs to add meeting minutes, planning information, newsletters and other information on a regular basis and the Parish Clerk was keen to be allowed to add and edit pages, as well as post news of local council-run events, and to have some input into the website design and layout etc.

The website is built with Wordpress as it has many available features and allows them (and us) to keep pace with the (ever-changing) requirements of a busy organisation with a constantly changing team of councillors.

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Recreational Facilities
Mobile Images (RWD)

The previous QPC website was built by me in 2008 (then "The Click-IT Team Ltd"). By 2015 the Chairman, many of the Councillors and the Parish Clerk had changed, and they desired both a new look, some new facilities and a fully mobile-responsive website, to allow them to reach the maximum number of parishioners.

In April 2015 we embarked on a project to redesign the entire website with RWD in mind. Taking a template that they had already selected, we added many new facilities including a Twitter feed (to show their recent tweets), an image slider for the home page (which the client specifically requested, and which allows the Parish Clerk to add and remove images herself), a new easy and smart looking menu (which allows the client to add and rearrange all menu items).

In addition to the many pages, the blog section of wordpress is used to post details of events (including images for posters etc) and local news and City/County Council press releases etc. The website is fully managed by Bartonsweb, dealing with updates, server and email management and helping with events posts, updates to pages, changes in personnel and staff training etc.