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Precious Times


Precious Times is an E-Commerce website, the client previously had a basic hosted website built through a domain registrar drag'n'drop interface. We built a custom wordpress theme adding woocommerce functionality to the site. We put a focus on performance and usability, designing the site with client input in areas. We implemented few plugins adding the required functionality that the client desired, many free and some paid. This allowed us to tailer the store to the clients requirements and add functionality as desired.

The client had several hundred products that constantly change, we popuplated the site with these products and optimised all original images for performance. This site highlights our ability to build a fully-functional, responsive and performant website. The site was built using bootstrap framework and was built to be responsive mobile-first from the beginning.

We chose wordpress for the website because of its E-commerce requirements, coupled with the need to be easily editable and manageable for the client. Wordpress was the natural choice at the time because of its popular and easy to use admin interface making it very simple for the client to manage their store.

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