Lynchydirect Website


This website design was interesting and fun to create, the client had a previous website online that was very informative about the business however did not present the information in a way that was very targeted at its audience, it looked very professional but also very bland.As such, I did a lot of research into other similar websites designed for bouncy castle businesses and what I found was that almost every website design followed a similar template grid and none of them really looked unique.

I did a bunch of digging on websites around similar businesses (things for children) and then came up with the design, I wanted it to be functional and easy to use but also display the information in a colourful and interesting way rather than just having a block with text in it.


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You can see this decision making process when you look at things like the simple moving clouds in the background, they don't move fast enough to disturb the users viewing of the page, but they add a certain amount of interactivity and movement to the design. Thick borders were used around boxes to make them stand out and look more colourful on the page. This was a very fun website to design.

[Note - Jan' 2016: The website is currently offline due to client reorganisation]