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This site was already very well established and has hundreds of user submitted posts and comments. These are hard to migrate because we had to ensure that we were not breaking any post that worked with the old design. The site was a Wordpress managed site which made it somewhat easier to deal with as there were several plugins we were able to install to improve the site functionality.

We started by removing the "old" feel of the theme and modernised it by flattening and expanding the header image to cover the width of the site. This gave it a much better feel. We then gathered several possible header images that all looked good, so instead of narrowing it down to one we decided to add all of these images on a fading timer (this really sets the mood of the entire site).

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Next we needed to make the site mobile responsive as the theme currently did not work on mobiles or tablets. This was fun and quite easy to do. Our biggest issues were fixing user-submitted posts to also work correctly (sometimes those posts have user pasted html with fixed widths, images etc).

Another big change we made to the site was adding a universal menu to all pages, the old theme had a few "popular" links along the header but there was no full menu. We decided to go with a mobile friendly "slide-in" menu, so that it did not impact the original feel of the site too greatly, while also added easy navigation to anywhere on the site and worked seemlessly across all device types.