HSSafety Website


This website was particularly interesting for us to make. Right from the start we created it with mobile responsiveness (RWD) in mind, which resulted in the finished site working perfectly across multiple devices (as you can see in the 'mobile view' image).

Along with a (very well-designed) 'mock-up' supplied by the client, we were able to create a website which is very 'easy on the eye', and which focuses on the page content, whilst adding some interesting features, such a rolling-content feed from the HSE website 'news' section.

On our client's instruction, we created a set of "Approved Contractors" pages, which allows him to offer his customers the additional benefit of free on-line advertising, and to create a useful resource for people seeking safe contractors, (designed to procure business for those contractors).

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Mobile view
Contractors pages

He will add his client's details to his website (using a browser-accessible admin' area). As he adds each new contractor, the address is used to plot the latitude and longitude of their business location, and a marker is created based on those criteria, and displayed on a Google map.
This allows users to easily see a geographical representation of local contractors, with some key information shown in a miniature 'pop-up toolbox' when the user clicks on each marker. They can also click-through to a page displaying all of the details for that contractor, including his trade (eg: plumber, electrician, etc), address, contact information and more.
We also added a list of trades, which the user can click to see a new map showing only contractors of that type (a filtered list). Beneath these maps is a list of all of those contractors, added in case of problems with Google maps, or in case the user prefers to see the list (with the 'pop-up toolbox' info) in a way which is easy to read and compare.

Note (Added 2017): This client has retired due to ill health and the site is no longer online.