Gloucester Irish Club Website

Gloucester Irish Club

The design for this particular web site was inspired by their original landing page - the home page slider background uses the exact background from that page, and the colours were also inspired by this.

A clear idea and plan was thought out very quickly for the site and from there, the production went very smoothly. We were able to add specific features such as an Events Page, which is (incredibly) easy for the client to add dates/functions to. We then took it a step further and added a map to the club and a contact form for enquiring about booking events by Email.

The client had some small changes to the original design for the website (owing to the poor quality of the images they supplied for use in the design), but in general the build was very easy.

The colours very closely resemble the traditional colours for the club and give a typically Irish feel.

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Culture page

One big feature of this website is the ability to view the content in both Gaelic and English, (the language can be changed via the drop-down box to the right of the Navigation Menu). This was a request made by the client, which they did not expect to be fulfilled, and which we added without using Google Translate API (in order to save the client money).

The entire dual-language facility is bespoke and very easy to use, (as well as sending the correct signals to Google for ranking purposes). The Admin' panel includes 2 fields for each piece of content, to allow for the Gaelic version of each entry.