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This website was a project I undertook while studying web development at my college, the website was for a wheelchair basketball club named Gloucester Blazers. We met with the client who was the clubs fundraiser and chair of the management committee, he gave us an outline of features that he would like to be on the website. We then spent a few weeks planning and coming up with different designs that we could use, we were put into groups of 2 or 3 from our class and given the task of creating a new logo for the club that could be used on a website, before then designing the website to use our new logo.

The website me and my partner designed and produced was voted as the best, it was also chosen by the client as his most preferred design and therefore we were asked to develop it further and produce a final version to give to the client. Unfortunately, not long after this the college finished for the summer and we lost contact with the client, when we returned we did not have the same teacher and did not finish the website, however I believe this website is a very clean design. It is not fully finished as anyone can see but it is very well produced.

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It was not fully browser compatible and struggled on some older versions of internet explorer, however everything displayed it was just not in the correct places. I believe I could have fixed this relatively simply by re-thinking the html/css used and taking a more simple approach to the markup, which would have allowed for widespread compatability.

The homepage has a beautiful header, taking advantage of client-side scripting the header was turned into a slideshow of images using Jquery Transitions. This allowed the end-user to keep more interest in the page as it was not just static html that wasn't appealing to the eye.

The website itself is hosted here as an example of my early work on the web, however it is not coded to high standards, simple mistakes such as not optimizing images, or taking advantage of deferred parsing of JavaScript.