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This website was built by an established graphic designer. Launched in June 2015 the site was failing to attract any traffic.

The owner contacted us for help and - after receiving our review, report and proposals, asked us to take over management of the website.

The site itself was built using Wordpress and the attractive and modern design was achieved using Visual Composer, a "Wordpress Page Builder Plug". Whilst we liked the design, the optimisation (for both search engines and browsers) was very poor indeed and site load times were horrific.

We started by moving the site to our own (optimised, UK-based) web servers, familiarising ourselves with Visual Composer, optimising all images and then we began with an SEO plan to improve site visibility and search engine rankings.

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Layout Page
Floorplan Page

Our SEO plan included keyword research, url optimisation (with relevant redirection and "pretty URL's"). We rebuilt all pages keeping to the design characteristics and adding some similar new features to accommodate new content. We enhanced the content considerably, creating floor plans and researching historical facts about the building and surrounding areas, allowing us to add a great deal of good quality, highly optimised and relevant content to the site.

We optimised all on-page elements (plus the robots.txt and .htaccess files), added a sitemap, registered and submitted the site to Google Search Console, checked and corrected all RWD elements and re-launched the site a few weeks later (mid December 2015). 4 months later and the site is fully indexed by Google, with traffic and rankings increasing continuously.