About Dave Barton

Who am I?

I'm Dave Barton, an enthusiastic and driven individual and an ambitious and highly-qualified Web Developer. I take pride in creating and developing the best website templates, focusing on user experience coupled with ease of use for my clients, to manage their websites.

I studied Web Development over 3 years at Gloucestershire College, finishing in 2013, with Web development A Level: 3xA, and - addition to 8 GCSE passes, I have ICT CGSE 2xA. I also studied Applied Business, Psychology and Sociology (at A Level).
I am a hard working individual, having funded my college years as a part time (live in) Care Worker

My ambition is to provide Bartonsweb customers with a web solution that fits their needs in terms of design and functionality, whilst meeting all their business goals. Putting in the time and effort required to make each website unique, engaging and visually exciting is my pleasure!

What are my (relevant) skills?

Web Development

Content Management Systems (CMS)

I like to offer the best solutions to solve any issues or features a client may desire, which often means producing a template and configuring a CMS to deliver those features. I am flexible with the choice of CMS, however, I do have extensive experience with several CMS systems, which I will recommend if they fit your situation and allow sufficient flexibility to deliver any future functionality we might envisage.


I have good experience with PHP programming for web applications, such as client areas, user management, database connectivity (MySQL).

Responsive Design

I have been practising and learning the different methods of 'responsive design' and am learning to become 'aware' in my template builds to allow me to easily convert a design to be 'responsive' across a range of popular devices from tiny mobile screens to huge computer monitors. This allows us to produce one website that looks different across each device to fit that screen as perfectly as possible.



I have extensive knowledge and experience of JQuery and the interactivity it can provide users on a web page. I also have experience with JQuery plugins and the use of Javascript in web design.


Front-End Development


I have over four years experience working with basic HTML/CSS templates, and I am also proficient with HTML5/CSS3 and its added features. I can produce from simple to highly complex HTML templates.

Website Management

Issues Management

I have recently developed a bespoke user support facility, to allow Bartonsweb customers to create and monitor ongoing (and past) website issues. The creator of the CMS I used for this is currently creating a customer issues facility, and tutorial (for same) based on my work.

Customer Account Management

I have created a bespoke account management facility (now available to all Bartonsweb customers) enabling you to see general and customer-specific announcements, change your email address (and account password), see - and (re)print - all invoices (paid and unpaid), view all (postal) correspondence from us to you, and access our issues management facility (see above).  

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