About Clive Barton

Who am I?

I'm Clive Barton, an experienced web designer, web developer, graphic designer, website manager and online marketing and SEO expert. I have been building, managing and marketing websites since 2001, and like my son David, I too take pride in creating and developing excellent websites.

My previous background was in commercial business (20 years) and commercial business software systems (SAP ERP), IT Management (European), and (IT) Project Management (6 years), so I like to focus on giving my customers the best possible solutions, site management and support facilities, with easy access to all of your information and a wide range of services including any advice and guidance I can offer.

My mission is to provide Bartonsweb customers with websites that are constantly evolving to keep pace with back-end language protocols and device development, so they always look - and work - like a brand new website.

What are my (relevant) skills?

Front-End Development


I have over 16 years experience of coding websites by hand.

Web Development

I have created websites combining multiple scripts, languages, and content management systems and solutions, from shopping cart systems to ad' management systems, using a wide variety of languages and file formats.

Website Graphics

Image Optimisation

I have 16 years experience (and Adobe product training) clarifying, optimising and manipulating images to deliver top quality website images with minimal file sizes.

Graphic Design

I have used my Adobe skills and experience to create stunning website graphics (including animated graphics), and "Wraps" (graphic-based web pages), as well as company logos, postcards, leaflets and other advertising media.

Website Marketing

Google Adwords Management

Around 12 years experience in creating and managing Google Adwords campaigns (and similar campaigns with other providers). I can either assist you in creating a campaign or create and manage it on your behalf.

Online Marketing

I have more than 15 years experience in online marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

I first began researching SEO in 2001. In 2003 I joined SeoChat (in those days the largest SEO forum). Since 2004 I have been a teacher and moderator at SeoChat, and have assisted many large companies to dominate the search engine rankings. I've had several of my posts published as articles in Webmaster magazines (including Web Pro News), and have learned a tremendous amount from others in this field. As Search Engines evolve, I continue my research on a very regular basis, from a wide range of sources (including on-the-job experience/live testing).

Website Management

Domain Management

I have always assisted clients with domain registration and maintenance, whilst insisting that domains are always registered in the client name, (thus legally owned by you).

You'd be astounded at the number of "high profile" web design companies who register customer domains themselves (making them the legal owner, and you needing to pay a dividend if you ever want to "take ownership" of the domain that you've already paid for)!


Information Management and Reporting

I have worked in this field for around 27 years, and have designed many info' management systems and reports in numerous formats. I have put my experience to good use designing a reporting system which utilises well-known companies (like Google) to supply all of the information you require to monitor and manage your websites' performance.


Issues Management

I have over 25 years experience in Issues management and have used those skills to assist in the development of a simple bespoke support facility, which will allow you to both create and monitor all ongoing (and past/closed) issues affecting your web site.


User Support

Having performed first, second and third line user support (and management) over a number of platforms, systems and countries, I am fully equipped to help and support customers and their staff at every level.


Website Analytics

Having used a wide range of analytical tools, I have settled on Google Analytics, which I have used since it's very first release. I can offer you direct access to your Google Analytics reports, and support and advice on the statistics within.


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